April 18th, 2012 / 2:25 pm

If there’s any one good way to make writing even more irrelevant in the world it’s by doting over ceremonial bullshit that never meant anything in the first place.


  1. Scott McClanahan

      Hah!   Amen, brother.

  2. Mark Buckner

      What “ceremonial bullshit” are you referring to?

  3. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      I’d contend ceremonial bullshit is the only reason the public has found any artistic medium relevant, ever.

  4. Mark C

      say. fucking. word.

  5. Shane Anderson

      “prizes are badges of mediocrity” – charles ives (upon winning the pulitzer)

  6. postitbreakup
  7. Mr. Frank Rodriguez

      you are part of the problem because you want me to comment about how you are part of the problem, here I am via google reader telling you you are part of the problem I am part of the problem.

  8. reynard

      | @| | SIDE OF THE WORLD [ed.’s note: Canada] )
      | |) /’———————————————‘
      | (//|` .——-.
      _/ __.–/______ /|
      )( ( | .—. ||
      .’ `-.__ |( AOL )||
      / |`. |`.___.’||
      J | ` .-‘. `——‘
      | `.__.–. `.’.___.-‘
      | `-.___.-‘ L“ `.
      / |`. `.
      | |-.`..-‘] _.)
      | _ ____.-‘-._ \ _.—‘ ||
      `—-‘ | `—-‘ ||
      /____.——. || ||
      / X |`-. || ||
      X / | / `.||-. ||
      / J|.-.(_||__) ||
      /-‘ _/ (_.___) ||

  9. reynard

      more like bags
      as in sacks of ca$h!

      actually it’s only $10k
      you would get more than that to attend some mfa programs
      which is especially why it does not matter


  10. leapsloth14

      Uh, could you go ahead and name names? 

  11. deadgod

      What Excuses To Talk Are Excuses To Talk About

  12. Jordan Pennington

      well for me and the others among us who are poor and debilitatingly narcissistic, the money and attention sound much more appealing than relevant writing. 

  13. Anonymous

      when i win the pulitzer, i’m gong to give it to my friend rick santorium. he’ll get a kick out of that damn thing.

  14. Mike James

      You really like DFW, huh bro? Is this, for you, like for me when Denzel didn’t win for Malcolm X?

  15. Anonymous

      Ever governed by instinct rather than by thought the common people cleave to ideas through the mediation of forms, and it is with difficulty that they modify their habits.  The attempt to destroy superstitions impresses them always as an attack on religion itself, and hence St. Gregory, one of the greatest popes in Christendom, did not seek to suppress the old practices.  He recommended his missionaries purify and not destroy the temples, saying that ‘so long as a people have their old places of worship they will frequent them by force of habit and will thus be led more easily to the worship of the true GOD.’ He said also: ‘The BRetons have fixed days for feasts and sacrifices; leave them their feasts and their festivals, but from the state of paganism draw them gently and progressively into the estate of Christ.’

  16. Anonymous

      Ceremony is what keeps the irrelevant relevant.  Maybe just create new ceremonies, and retire the old.