December 8th, 2010 / 4:15 pm

Today David Lynch is answering interview questions on his twitter feed: “When I go out, Kathy who cuts my hair has given me a spray, but I don’t know the name of it.” [Q stream found here.]


  1. stephen

      “All pop is magical,” David Lynch said on Twitter.

  2. Sean

      Why doesn’t anyone invent a corn dog where the corn is inside, like maybe an ear, and then the pig is wrapped around the exterior?

  3. a person

      i hate to be this guy, but does htmlgiant really not give any shit at all about politics? i haven’t heard a peep about julian assange or the tax package, both of which are stirring up a whole lot of interesting shit within the political left.

      also, idea for a post: what HTMLG regulars are on ADHD meds? prescribed or unprescribed? seems like use/abuse of a concentration aid would be rampant among writers.

      full disclosure: i am rolling my dick off on study drugs right now.

  4. Sean

      Blake, give this guy a guest post on politics and crushed dextroamphetamine.

  5. michael

      the dick-rolling-off wasn’t entirely intentional– nothing got insufflated, that’s for sure. i was actually planning on getting some marathon work done. fortunately/unfortunately, my uh, ‘study aid delegate’ weighs about twice as much as me, so the doseage was a little high. & it was an xr spansule, so i couldn’t split it.

      i really am interested in getting responses from the gang on all of this, though. i mean, i for one know that i’ve spent a lot of energy trying to convince myself that i have ADD because how convenient would it be if i ate a magic concentration pill every day. i imagine that most writers who aren’t already medicated feel this way sometimes/all the time.

  6. deadgod
  7. michael

      thanks, deadgod. should have used ye olde search function. that’s like rule 1 of internet question asking, and i broke it.

      however, i’d argue that the ‘(de)merits of wikileaks’ discourse has matured a great deal since december 1st. a) because more smart people have been writing about it and b) because back then, the headline leak had been war docs, and i think pretty much everyone wants transparency with regard to american warmaking. the cables leak was only 3 days old on dec 1, and at that point i think everybody was still processing. i, for one, was pretty gung ho about how great it was, and now i’m having second (and third, and fourth…) thoughts.

      so, yes, it’s been mentioned. but i’d love to see a massively passionate analysis comparable (in length, sophisitication, and enthusiasm) to blake’s mister squishy post.

  8. Jeremy Bauer

      if htmlgiant talked politicin’ lots, i prolly wouln’t enjoy it as much