February 2nd, 2013 / 1:17 am


  1. Ricardo Limassol


  2. Michael J Seidlinger


  3. werdfert

      i’m hearing a chorus of angels doing an acapella version of the HBO theme tone

  4. facetat

      I genuinely hope to be disappointed by this novel

  5. Brooks Sterritt

      has anyone said ‘Taipei Personality’ yet or just thought it?

  6. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Moves too much

  7. bemightee

      feel “ambivalent”

  8. Michael Martin

      That interview snippet is cool. I’m not on this dudes dick, but he feels like a genuine dude of sorts. I might actually start and finish this book.

  9. postitbreakup

      i’m glad you clarified you weren’t on tao’s dick

  10. postitbreakup

      it’d be cool if the ebook version used the animated gif as the cover

  11. Mike Kleine

      I like how there are 3 letters for each line of text in the title. Very pleasing to look at and apropos.

  12. postitbreakup

      same, feel conflicted about the “a novel” though

  13. Mike Kleine

      For some reason, that part feels so totally 100% Jay McInerney to me… I dunno why. But it just, does.

  14. Victoria Trott

      im excited

      ps i want people to have a shitstorm again, i like it when people have shitstorms here

  15. Michael Martin

      You kinda have to around these parts. Because (almost, maybe literally) the majority of people are. You either distinguish not being on his dick, or that you hate him for a list of dumb ass reasons.

  16. Brooks Sterritt

      hey victoria, i think there is going to be a shitstorm SOON, if not now then before june FO SHO

  17. tao lin

      thanks for posting, there is an even bigger version of the gif on my site

  18. tao lin
  19. Brooks Sterritt

      no problem, the one on your site is HUGE

  20. Tim O'Connell

      We are working on it ;)

  21. Kristen Iskandrian

      i truly love this cover