August 15th, 2011 / 9:51 am

Tao Lin’s next novel, reportedly titled Taipei, Taiwan, has been sold to Vintage. More info at the Observer, “I honestly feel, to a large degree, like me and everyone else are close to death and that the awareness of this has, to me, precluded thoughts of “making it” (this is a theme of the novel).”


  1. BoomersMustDie

      It’s not that he’s less loathsome than James Fry – it’s just a different sort of loathsome

  2. richard chiem

      tao lin > 

      ╔═══╗ ♪
      ║███║ ♫
      ║ (●) ♫

      ╔═══╗ ♪
      ║███║ ♫
      ║ (●) ♫

      ╔═══╗ ♪
      ║███║ ♫
      ║ (●) ♫

  3. James Yeh

      What’s wrong with James Fry?

  4. bobby

      We’re fucked. 

  5. BoomersMustDie

      He convinced me to turn my thesis into a YA novel and then he couldn’t sell it!

  6. James Yeh

      Maybe he was mad you didn’t know how to spell his name correctly?

      Seriously though, your last comment makes me sad.

  7. CheetahDeals Blog

      This is awesome. Hurrah for TL.

  8. BoomersMustDie

      Tao used up all the ‘e’s

  9. James Yeh

      Fair point.

  10. Guest

      The world definitely needs another hipster-existential novel written in a deadpan style.

  11. BoomersMustDie

      I wanted to post an ASCII swastika but I felt it might offend

  12. megan boyle

      good job :)

      vintage ass knopferfuckers

  13. Anonymous


  14. Anonymous

      I’m curious about how someone who feels himself and everyone else are close to death would want get an agent to sell his novel to a major publishing house, but then dismiss thoughts of “making it.” I mean, if you want an agent–or want to seriously entertain the idea of writing for a living, which I think Tao does–don’t you have a goal of “making it?” (whatever nuanced definition you want to assign “making it,” I don’t know, generally I think everyone can agree the term means “success” in some form). Like, tell me what you feel right now Tao Lin, do you feel happy about this? Did you just not like the term “making it” or something? Were you just embarrassed about answering a question (talking about the quote above/question referenced in the Observer) that would require you to take ownership over your success? Does that not fit with the “we’re all going to die” thing?

  15. Guest

      The world definitely needs another “Guest” commenter to add a snarky comment to their two-comment history.

  16. Guest

      The world definitely needs another “Guest” commenter without any comment history to snarkily comment on another “Guest” comment.

  17. Guest

      The world definitely needs another “Guest” commenter with one previous comment in their history stating:

      everyone talking shit about him on here please do me this:
      post a video of you 720 a staircase or doing a 3whip
      i doubt most of you talking shit would even 3 that staircase.

      to write a snarky comment about “Guest” commentary.

  18. Anonymous

      what does the world need?

  19. Guest

      What? I was serious.  We need Tao Lin to tell us that “we are close to death” in 150-200 pages of declarative sentences.  Don’t protest so much. 

  20. Guest

      A hipster-existential novel written in a deadpan style that investigates middle-class ennui. 

  21. Guest

      I see the Vice Magazine crowd has arrived. 

  22. Guest

      By the way, that was meant for the other Guest, not you. 

  23. Guest

      the world needs a 20+ comment thread in a news announcement about tao lin

  24. Brooks Sterritt

      i think he made the comment to be funny, and because it would be impolitic to say “yes i have made it, thank you.”

  25. Guest

      Yes, he does.  How else would he be relevant? I’m assuming you’ve read the wretched prose. 

  26. Guest

      In other news, great advances in porcine avionics were announced this morning. Look out your windows! Yes, they’re flying.

  27. Frank Hinton

      i feel really good about this. 

  28. stephen tully dierks

      i’m glad

  29. ILikeEverything

      i feel like i really like this and i’m glad i feel this way.

  30. ILikeEverything

      i feel like there are butterflies earnestly swimming in my stomach over this news.

  31. dole

      I like the title.  Does it take place in Taipei, Taiwan? 

  32. Tummler

      Great news. I’m interested to find out if this novel will be an extension of Tao’s story “Taipei, Taiwan,” which is a powerful, excellent read.

  33. Tummler
  34. shaun gannon

      this john cage movie is really boring

  35. shaun gannon

      wait a minute, this isnt twitter

  36. shaun gannon

      where am i

  37. deadgod

      close to death

      is this novel a way to get other people to go first

      that would be sweeee eee eeeeet

  38. c2k

      ‘Taipei’ should be the title.

      Drop ‘, Taiwan’.

      You’re welcome.

  39. deadgod

      the world needs

      either you’re part of the solution, or you are

  40. deadgod


  41. Edward Champion

      I don’t care if Tao Lin is annoying or not.  Apologies if I’m repeating anything that you folks discussed this in another thread, but there’s a larger story here about Melville House screwing over Tao Lin.  Why, for example, didn’t The Stranger’s Christopher Frizzelle didn’t have the balls to go forward with Part Two?

      I doubt very highly that Tao is going to say anything critical about Dennis Johnson or Melville House.  But if Melville House has screwed over Tao (and Tao’s speedy hookup with Bill Clegg, together with the speedy deal with Vintage, suggests a speedy desire to escape Melville House), then it’s quite likely that they’ve screwed over other writers.  What can we do to look into this?

  42. tao

      melville house hasn’t ‘screwed me’ at all, i’m happy that they published five of my books

      i think my third novel being published by vintage will benefit melville house (via increased coverage and sales of those five books, including foreign sales) and me (via having money, from this and from foreign sales of this, which wouldn’t be as much, i think, without a literary agent, to focus on writing)

  43. David Fishkind

      i’ve got something to say!!

  44. Anonymous

      I am excited to read Tao’s new novel and am happy he will make a nice amount of money off his writing due to this. I also feel like anyone that feels negatively re: Tao selling a novel to Vintage has no ‘real’ reason to feel negatively about.

  45. ILikeEverything

      I feel you, bro. I feel earnestly excited and its a great feeling to feel earnestly excited.  Did I mention how much I love the verb, “feel”? I feel like ‘feel’ is a sharp, fresh verb. Feel me?

  46. Anonymous

      ghostriding even shit whips > planking, RT if you agree

  47. Anonymous


  48. Mylum

      what the world needs now is a new kind of tension cause the old one just bores me to death.

      David Lowery knows.

  49. ILikeEverything

      Agreed with this.  We can always trash “realism” and women. This never gets old around here and is widely encouraged.

  50. Guest City

      word choice?

  51. deadgod

      your comments are planks, silly clown

  52. alan

      Did you read “Richard Yates”?

  53. andrew

      sincere congratulations to tao lin

  54. Leopoldbloom

      I liked Tao Lin’s new book better when it was called “Palo Alto” by James Franco.

  55. Guest

      I see. I actually agree.

  56. Anonymous

      I thought he may have said it to be funny, too. Saying “yes I have made it, thank you” just sounds like agreeing with a true statement, not being impolitic. I don’t know. Just musing over this.

  57. Guest
  58. Anonyguest
  59. Anonymous

      y’all buggin’

  60. Anonymous

      y’all buggin’

  61. Anonymous

      i just read “today the sky is blue and white with bright blue spots and a small pale moon and i will destroy our relationship today” a few days ago and got into a black hole. wish they still updated/published things, does anyone know what happened with them?

      think i read somewhere tao said it was going to be more like the story he had in “vice,” which is cool by me.

  62. postitbreakup

      gasp how dare you

  63. Dan Moore

      In related news, I just sold “I liked Tao Lin’s new book better when it was called “Palo Alto” by James Franco: The HTMLGIANT story” to Vintage.

  64. jonny ross

      did you try re-working it as a memoir?

  65. guest

      Can you elaborate?

  66. guest

      Can you elaborate?

  67. guest

      Can you not elaborate?

  68. guest

      5 books? Really? You have reached your limit, Sir, uh I mean Mamm. 5 books should take a lifetime! Unless mediocrity is your goal. Somebody, please make him stop!!!!

  69. guest

      Wait! I just realized, the book is dead. Oh, thank God! Please, nobody tell him about ”movies”. What? …

  70. William Owen

      I think the world needs existential-hipster middle bonbons manufactured by the ennui-class

  71. Guest

      I don’t know what the world may need but I’m sure as hell that it starts with me and that’s a wisdom, I’ve laughed at

  72. deadgod

      correctimundo wallet segundo

  73. deadgod

      sweeeee eee eeeetly malformed URL content sis/bro

  74. deadgod

      can you elaborate on your own mediocrity stop button

  75. deadgod

      put in your own scare quotes deadbeat

  76. deadgod

      not “despite”

  77. deadgod

      not a point

      there’s an e in James

  78. BoomersMustDie

      You get one ‘e’ free, for the rest you go speak to Tao

  79. deadgod

      no prob I’m daidgod

  80. BoomersMustDie

      I’m Avoid-da-BoomBorn

  81. Guesty

      i’m about 15% sure this new book will be worth a damn, if anything at all.

  82. Guest

      i felt high levels of interest while reading your comment and earnestly feel that you are on twitter

  83. shaun gannon


  84. stephen

      shaun, u alright?

  85. shaun gannon

      idk… just feelin kinda down lately…

  86. stephen

      damn… do u.. need a hug

  87. shaun gannon

      stephen i dont know if even a hug will console me… sigh… do u ever feel this way

  88. M. Kitchell

      feel like i don’t even know what 2 do w/ myself, man, feel like i should write something to deal but seems so useless

  89. stephen

      u know. i do. wow…. now that u say it… sometimes i’m going for a walk and i wish.. someone was walking with me and… holding my lil hand

  90. M. Kitchell

      sometimes my hand just feels 2 empty. like do u know what i mean?

  91. shaun gannon

      were all walking alone its just that sometimes we can see ppl off on the horizon and we go to them think weve finally found ‘something’ but then when we get there theyre busted looking and your like damn… i thought… damn…

  92. stephen

      idk mike… there are other things 2 do with a free hand… i mean… idk… 

  93. M. Kitchell

      damn bros… feel like u are 2 entwined with each other to help me out… damn… feel like maybe i should stare vacantly at my gchat window, then close it… u know?

  94. shaun gannon

      somestimes i feel like even writing wont ‘help’ like it would just make me think more about how i feel even tho i dont even know what to say to make people know what i feel

      god it just
      you know

  95. elaine

      *~hehe~* hi yall

  96. stephen

      shaun i dont know what youre saying… shaun… can we just… talk?

  97. stephen

      like… really talk

  98. shaun gannon

      m. maybe you should watch this sometimes when im really feeling this kind of thing i watch this and i feel better it didnt work for me this time but it might for you so idk

  99. stephen

      shaun.. that didnt work for me =(

  100. stephen

      hi elaine… are u sad… im… where am i… omg

  101. shaun gannon

      man i hope so

      ill explain how i feel below

      edit: in full

  102. M. Kitchell

      ne neither :*(

  103. shaun gannon

      so i feel like im sort of ‘adrift’ in this whole social thing where ppl are like ‘connecting’ whether its on gchat or facebook chat or msn messenger or camfrog but when i log into one of these i get rly anxious and sort of feel like im ‘not there’ and im watching me be there and then i worry that im actually a ghost because its happened before but then i realize nobodys talked to me yet so then i get more anxious and i wonder if ghosts get anxious then what if a ghost gets too anxious is that what makes a poltergeist because i really dont want to do that to my roommates so i just log out and lie down on my bed focusing really hard on not making the walls collapse or the tv bleed and usu i do okay but sometimes ‘not’

  104. elaine

      effin htmlgiant bleak ass dark void

  105. stephen

      i dont relate to that, shaun… tbh

  106. shaun gannon


  107. shaun gannon

      oh okay well thanks for trying steve i can see you did your best

  108. stephen

      shaun… we’ve talked about this… i give a lot out… and u give… i mean u give a LOT out… but… it’s just never enough… and… i just dont know if its worth it.. we’re different ppl… thats the thing… were not the same..person. physically. we’re literally two differennt ppl

  109. stephen

      elaine… it’s not going to be ok

  110. elaine

      you are shaun gannon king of beers

  111. shaun gannon

      im not the one who wanted to be two different people stephen dont bring that into this unless you want me to call you on it. thanks in advance.

  112. M. Kitchell


  113. shaun gannon


  114. Mj

      Damn man. The dude’s been given 50k for a book. Technically man, not just for a book but an idea of a book. Or perhaps the promise of a book. Whatever. This is incredible. And all the majority of you can do is hate? Cot dayum. Seriously. If someone gave you 50k for a project, there is a high probability *someone* is not going to like it. So, you know, picture yourself and then try to keep hating.

  115. stephen

      shaun… we discussed that we wouldn’t discuss this in public… so youre breaking the ground rules and idk even.. what do i do with that

  116. shaun gannon

      you go fuck yourself with that okay

  117. shaun gannon

      see it looks like m. gets me stephen

      i think ill talk to him instead

      so m.

      u got cam?

  118. stephen

      i fell off the couch. trying to get back up.

  119. elaine

      stephen. i am wearing a bright eyes shirt it has upside down crosses on it

  120. stephen


  121. stephen

      i dont care.

  122. shaun gannon

      know what forget it im going to go get sushi

  123. Guest

      Rough draft for Tao Lin’s next novel, folks.  Right here.  

  124. M. Kitchell

      i got cam but my mom is home so no sounds okay u have 2 b real quiet 2

  125. elaine

      effing…shaun gannon u gonna share some of dat sushi?

  126. elaine


  127. Guest

      Yeah, people are hating because of the money.  Get the fuck out of here. 

  128. M. Kitchell

      realistically i think people are hating because they don’t think tao lin should be getting 50k instead of idk some other writer so yeah they are hating on the money but it’s not like they’re hating b/c tao lin is “selling out” they’re hating because they don’t think he deserves 50k different story bros

  129. Guest

      Well, those people are stupid if they’re just realizing that the least-deserving people often “get money.” 

      This is the first I’ve even heard of such a large advance, and I couldn’t care less. Means nothing insofar as my beliefs about this brand of moronic, privileged nihilism passing itself off as “literature.”

  130. shaun gannon

      omg the sushi place wasnt even open even though on yelp it said there open til 2 i went there and the sign said 10pm i had to go to taco bell and get three nachos bell grande no meat no cheese no sour cream. someone tell me how my life could be any worse right now

  131. shaun gannon



      see the tragic tale above for the why

  132. stephen


  133. stephen

      come back

  134. shaun gannon

      what do you want from me. what else could i possibly give you.

  135. elaine

      um tldr

  136. shaun gannon

      thats ok we can do sound off so uhh do u use Creative Live Cam Pro lets meet in one of their rooms

  137. shaun gannon

      thats ok we can do sound off so uhh do u use Creative Live Cam Pro lets meet in one of their rooms

  138. shaun gannon



  139. shaun gannon

      oh my fucking god right now

  140. J.C.

      Well, those people are stupid if they’re just realizing that the least-deserving people often “get money, fuck bitches, smoke trees.”

  141. M. Kitchell

      i don’t think it’s a recent realization for most people.  seems like it makes sense to be mad or w/e if someone gets 50k and u think that 50k should have gone elsewhere. 

  142. Guest

      I think it’s important to note that a defender for Lin was the first one to mention money on the thread. 

  143. Guest

      I think it’s important to note that a defender for Lin was the first one to mention money on the thread. 

  144. dole

      no, felt stressed about the child actor names

  145. alan

      Oh. Well, it’s not about Richard Yates.

  146. Cvan

      You shouldn’t have said that in public.  Now Tao Lin has the first chapter for his new book.

  147. Zacgerman

      it would be better if you weren’t a faggot vegan.