January 10th, 2011 / 10:50 pm

“He shot her, two hours passed (I wonder about those two hours, like, all the time), then he shot himself. It’s a beautiful story.” –the Tyrant on his favorite literary rich kid :  “Combining the two most homosexual things in straight America, the prison system and closeted homosexuality” –Mark Leidner on I Love You, Phillip Morris! :  And everybody on the new OED site – free till Feb. 5th, use username/password combo trynewoed/trynewoed.


  1. deadgod

      Like all brilliant fools, his real prison is the self, the “I” the single, invisible bar of an inescapable cell.


      If hell is reflexive, how is it that there are rapists to run from?

  2. yawn

      Few things are as romantic as a murder-suicide.

  3. Pontius J. LaBar
  4. Ken Baumann

      We attempt to rape ourselves, eternally.

  5. deadgod

      a rapist might have reason to agree

      not sure a rape victim would see things this way

  6. Ken Baumann

      In Hell, I should’ve added.