Sunday Service

Laura Romeyn

What We Make of Her

Happy Meal Barbie wears two-inch heels.
Hair pulled up in a yellow pile and hands
on her hips in a swaggering way, I’m lighting

the match to her plastic narrows and then,
I’m lighting it again. Eyes grow wide as she begins
to flux, to soften, and blue is a sink in a pool

then it pours. Rereleasing my strike, I illumine
her pucker, replace kiss for a smear. In my mind
mopping away stains, blood lips from her face

like a plaster wall set to come down two weeks,
one week, now, followed by a bandaged attempt
at smoothing over. Features come back or don’t,

the way a house turned salon is still a house,
Nesquick and Fun Dip are still a diet, but not.
Barrettes, pinkpants and a big blonde bag puddle

to the side in their own shock and I let them,
body a fizz. Face cools, face hardens, and I take out
my Sharpie and I fix her myself.

Bio: Laura Romeyn is pursuing her MFA in poetry at Columbia University. A poem of hers most recently appeared in Leveler. She lives in Brooklyn and can be followed on twitter @LaRomage

June 1st, 2014 / 10:00 am
Sunday Service


  1. LiteraryCircus

      I hate being critical. I really do. But– obtaining an MFA from a hyperexpensive exclusive university like Columbia to write about: Barbie? Government agencies run amok; NSA now collecting facial images of everybody, autocratic rulers and irrationality multiplying around the globe– and our most elite writers are covering: Barbie? Maybe, just possibly, just conceivably it’s time to confront the Here and Now. (Thanks for allowing me to rant, while free speech everywhere is being shut down.) :-)

  2. MC