Sunday Service

Niina Pollari


I am a vampire in a grayly coughing dawn
I prepare a ritual of the hallucinogenic sleep
I lay down and spread
My gnatted arms by my sides
I cannot
But let
An Autobahn of blood be mealy in me

You know what I mean
We king our impulses, love
Eat and prey
Every day

It’s a fakey arcade
And I am its operator laughing copper with blood in my teeth
I spin a bright novelty ball on my finger
While I watch you watch me

I can’t make myself be alive
I do not feel sorry
I only talk about me
the laptop shudders violently when I type my About Me

You ask if I will stay here in the ruin
With you, and of course I will

When I say those words exactly
I let them rope out of my mouth
And twine around my fingers

What I do is a conjunction

I smooth the gothic filament of my agreeing
And I close my eyes

And how an hourglass is wide on both ends
But wide enough in the center for one grain only
That image is my voice
Working in my throat

I use it to gorge you
With my gentle introduction
“I can smell you
It’s nice and I like it
Did you know that I am real”

Bio: Niina Pollari’s first book Dead Horse will come out from Birds Llc in November. She coordinates Popsickle, a yearly, traditionally sweaty mega reading in Brooklyn.

September 21st, 2014 / 10:30 am
Sunday Service

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