a heaven gone

Book-o-the-Day: A Heaven Gone by Jac Jemc

Jac Jemc all micro-fiction/poem (ah, genre, ala Charles Baxter: “…they are between poetry and fiction, the story and the sketch, prophecy and reminiscence, the personal and the crowd.”). Short form. Something has happened, much of it off the page, much of it white space, white blizzard whirling around tight words. Residue. Stumble. Off the page one serious advantage of microfiction. Some see space. Some use the space (example Joseph Young, example Chelsea Martin). Example Jac Jemc.

Jac Jemc has a razor name and wears killer boots while out in Chicago.

Jac Jemc spits on rejection, polishes it up, tacks its forehead to this wall with a knife.

Jac Jemc opening page:

“Windows of humor roll down low & whistle

At our glorious legs & eyeball the stiff &

Enthronging death of accidents.

The humpbacked light of the moon is the

Funnel cloud of direction, sawn off & mighty.


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December 30th, 2009 / 4:49 pm