Poetry! In MOTION!

Hey nerds! Guess what I did this weekend? I played BASKETBALL which is a sport! Also, I watched SOCCER which is also a sport! Also I watched GOLF which may or may not be a sport! but it probably is a sport!

Which got me thinkin about WASHINGTON WIZARDS POWERFORWARDS! Mostly Oleksiy Pecherov but also Etan Thomas! He has a book of poetry called ‘More Than an Athlete‘ which I can totally relate to because while I am a WRITER I am MORE Than a Writer! I am also a man who can make an occasional lay-up (that is when you shoot the basketball from very close range off of the backboard and it goes through the hoop and then you get a high five!) and an occasional grilled cheese sandwich!

Other favorite books of poetry by athletes:

Mike Tyson – Heartsongs
Charles Barkley – Every Angel is Turrible
Tiger Woods – Dare Thy Fearful Symmetry:  Poems About Augusta
Darryl Strawberry – Strawberries in Heaven:  Translations from Grzegorz Musial

Nice work gentlemen!  If only Lauren Conrad could hoop it up; she’d be the ultimate TRIPLE THREAT!

Massive People / 14 Comments
June 22nd, 2009 / 1:00 pm