Best American

5 noggles of rye

1.) Every editor for every Best American series 2010 is a white guy.

2.) I stumbled across this Julia Harris blog. Pretty ordinary, but I was amused by the sidebar Percival Everett–“cocky writer of many books– hate. Julia needs to drop by for Mean Week.

3.) I have been blinking into some of the Xbox games everyone here suggested. I notice they keep asking me to make ethical decisions. Is that the new trend in games, or what makes them “literary”? The Call of Duty crazy in that scope clarity makes human look human and then you bring the rain/pain from high above like god or government. Little green people scurrying. I feel excited and dirty while playing. Maybe the point?

4.) A powerful article on violence, women and violence, literature and women and men and violence. Smart.

5.) Snow loses its beauty.

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February 26th, 2010 / 10:44 am