Gordon Lish Knopf Bibliography [1977-1995]

Gordon Lish began working as an editor at Alfred A. Knopf in 1977 after leaving his role as editor at Esquire Magazine. He continued work with Knopf for 18 years until parting ways in 1995, having assembled what is arguably one of the greatest editorial runs in publishing.

The listing below is a catalog of the titles and authors Lish published during this time. This is surely not a complete list, but is at least a decent stab at the continuum; comments are welcome with any suggestions as to the extant.

Most of these titles, if not having been reprinted by other houses, are available used on Amazon or in places like Abe Books.

1976 Don DeLillo, Ratner’s Star

Cynthia Ozick, Bloodshed and Three Novellas

1977 Don DeLillo, The Players

1978 Stanley Crawford, Some Instructions to my Wife…

Don DeLillo, Running Dog

Barry Hannah, Airships

1979 Mary Robison, Days


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