Brian O’Blivion


Blackest Ever Hole

beh-front-cover-copy-copyBlackest Ever Hole
by Brian O’Blivion
gnOme Books, 2013
78 pages / $7.77 buy from CS or Amazon
Rating: 8.8









In a space of punishing violence, in a realm where black is light, Blackest Ever Hole exists as a crossing of the abyss to temper horror into poetry. This is where “the steepest vertigo pulses,” where volatile suns implode under the weight of shadows. Black is the color of annihilation, and annihilation here breeds horror. These are Plutonian visions that go beneath our planetary crust and deep into the place of the beast. In this vortex of horror lies the human shadow eager for integration, and I’m specifically impressed with O’Blivion’s use of genre as a lens of perception through which his awareness is filtered. This is a journey through the infernal abyss of the blackest black to “a total terror death.” READ MORE >

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