Charlie Gasparino

Goldman Execs Blame anti-Semitism” for Negative Press About Their Looting, Pillaging, and Defrauding of the Country. And now they’re worried about an even bigger shit-storm coming when they hand out bonuses.

Yes, we all know anti-Semitism exists in the world. Those of us born Semites even smell it from time to time. It’s real. (For example, did you see this totally bizarre video from a Nevada Town Hall event?) But it’s also a pretty safe bet–damn near axiomatic, in fact–that when someone raises the anti-Semitism flag out of nowhere, and twirls it around like a coked-up majorette, time to reach for your wallet and make sure it’s still there. From one Jew to another, Lloyd Blankfein- go fuck yourself.

Charlie Gasparino’s Sympathy for Goldman, at Daily Beast.

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Extra fun: my old boss, Alexander Cockburn’s “My Life as an ‘anti-Semite’.”