The Chupacabra Strikes Again (Or, A Letter from My Self on NYE)

(Sam, The World’s Ugliest Dog, chupacabra stand-in)

Dear Self,

It’s 10:30 on New Year’s Eve. You won’t make it until midnight. You’re tired and achy and your head’s swimming. You feel like throwing up.

The moon’s bright, and clouds sling tracks across the sky.

You’ve been thinking tonight, which is ever-dangerous, about why you sit down to write every day. Why do you do this thing that has very little return in the free market? That few people will ever read? That some will hate?

Self, you are too sincere, not nearly ironic enough. You are way too un-cool: hipster-with-a-fannypack-for-a-purse-uncool. Self, I know what you’re thinking—you’ve got books strewn around you on New Year’s Eve, you look drunk—but you’re thinking about urgency, the deep and monstrously incoherent need to believe in something against a backdrop of post-postmodern self-conscious irony, gluttony, and emotional vacancy.

Self, I’ve been reading over your shoulder. You think you do it because READ MORE >

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January 2nd, 2010 / 1:40 am