Dennis Rodman


Likes: Seeing someone with authentic bounce in their step (00.9, 0.49). Initial 3-pointer is to go over 110 points, thus granting free tacos for fans. Rodman’s houses never had furniture, only a mattress (though he already owns the coffin he will be buried in and sometimes sleeps in it) and a giant TV to watch game tapes. (He obsessively studied trends on where an individual player’s missed shots tended to bounce.) Announcer goes with Mexican food puns. Rodman’s friends know him as shy. He once married himself. In midst of this 3-pointer run, Rodman plays excellent D (1:06), causing near air-ball. This quote on a phone call he received while gambling at a casino.

“It was like the ‘somebody died call’. I picked up the phone and Madonna was like, ‘I’m ovulating, I’m ovulating. Get your ass up here’. So I left my chips on the table, flew five hours to New York and did my thing. We got done and she was standing on her head in an attempt to promote conception — just like any girl trying to get pregnant. I flew back to Las Vegas and picked up my game where I left off.”

Dislikes: Pick or scratch at 31? Ref should have said ‘fuck it’ and gave Rodman last 3. Pippen’s black belt with brown suit. (Wish we could see his shoes and get a significant argument going.)

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August 17th, 2011 / 10:33 am