disc golf?

at halfway point 14

So I was fudging juggling judging a poetry contest yesterday


Stumbled upon many Centered Poems. Why do I retch them so? Where

Did they come from? Origins? Why am I biased since one

Was about a glass basketball and I like that general idea

And this was for cash $$$ (Wait, I thought poetry

Couldn’t make money.)

Sorry. They seem like cover letters on purple paper to me. Or I

mean like people who ask about copyright. Who knows?

Who writes Centered Poems?

I am drinking beer now so wanted to

Bring this question in front of the quart

Of public opinion. When you see a

Centered Poem, what do you think?

Is it arbitrary for me to hate them?

I don’t know.

(moon, gossamer, wings, love, tendrils)

What u think?

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March 30th, 2012 / 5:08 pm