dollar store

I am home from The Dollar Store Show Tour, thanks to all who came out and hung out and were rad people, I had a blast. Back to living on a netbox. Upon my return, I’d like to welcome the advent of the newest HTMLGiant contributor Chris Higgs, who I couldn’t be much more excited about having on board. Welcome, Chris.

Featherproof Dollar Store Tour

Hey friends. Leaving this Friday to hit the road for the Featherproof Dollar Store Summer Tour, which if you are on the east coast or nearby, is likely coming to or near you… would seriously be awesome to see faces, meet faces, drink drinks on faces, eat faces. Come out! Please? We have a lot of crazies peoples, crazy guests (check each city below to see who in yr city will be there), surely to be drunk fun, I have early copies of my new book Scorch Atlas, there are things going to happen. Consider putting it on your schedule? Dates/more info after the break:



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July 1st, 2009 / 12:41 pm