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Everyday Genius: The June Issue

(This is my first post here in a while, ugh, and it’s lame that it’s about PGP, but dang I’m all wound up in excitement for this, so why not, and plus it’s a good deal.)

To celebrate The June Issue, Everyday Genius’s first ever print issue, I’m giving a prize to three people who order it before Friday, June 1 (previous orders are being entered to win as well). The prize is a PGP care package, which includes recent books Falcons on the Floor by Justin Sirois (review at The L Mag), Meat Heart by Melissa Broder (review at The Rumpus), Rachel B. Glaser’s Pee On Water (just reviewed brilliantly at The Nervous Breakdown). ALSO included will be Joe Hall’s Post Nativity and Stephanie Barber’s book/DVD these here separated. ALSO also included, Joseph Young’s Easter Rabbit and David NeSmith’s El Greed. Finally ALSO also also included, a PGP tote and a PGP koozy cuz why not cuz it’s summer. READ MORE >

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May 28th, 2012 / 4:39 pm

Maybe Something Including “Mother”

Everyday Genius has been a blast this month, with full weeks contributed by Christopher Newgent, Amelia Gray and Matt Bell, all figuring out ways to present lit on the net in a way that is more than words on a webpage.

This week, Rozalia Jovanovic curated a postcard series with 24 artists and writers, including htmlgiant faves like Deb Olin Unferth, Tao Lin, Justin Taylor, Leni Zumas, all based on five different assignments. Today’s instructions were to “Explain how to do something in 5-7 steps.” One contributor’s response is above, and all the contributors will be matched to their cards when the series is complete. Collect ’em all!

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May 27th, 2010 / 8:57 am

Thanks, Ken, for posting about Matt Bell’s live writing sessions. The first paragraph of his story, one that never made it off the ground, has been posted at Everyday Genius, where there is also a schedule and a link to the MeetingWords site where it’s all going to happen. Tune in today at noon and again at five to see how Matt Bell writes a story, letter by letter.

Matt Bell is going to write a story live. We can watch him write. Then, later this week, we can rewrite the story. Then Michael Kimball & Lily Hoang will rewrite the rewritten story, and we can watch. And then we can watch Matt rewrite the revised rewritten story. Good luck to us all.

I’ve been guest editing Adam’s Everyday Genius this month. Today is Sean Kilpatrick’s poem ‘fistfucking rules’ which again reiterates why he is one of the realest mothers in this. Also this month new work from Laura Carter, Mark Leidner, Rav Grewal-Kök, Kimberly King Parsons, Robert Kloss, Donora Hillard, Travis Nichols, Kevin O’Cuinn, Cameron Pierce, Kate Zambreno, and Amy McDaniel, and the month is only halfsies. Hit it, please!

Giancarlo DiTrapano day on Everyday Genius, still featuring the guest editorialship of Michael Kimball, a monthlong+ reign of great work by a long list of good people. From Gian’s piece: “If the mind is a terror gift, he is an opener.”