group poem

Group Effort Results Poem

Well, that was fun. I think we ought to do that more often. Here is the resulting poem from my first Group Effort post. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Click here: maybe you want to learn me better—
or let the rootkits buck wild. Either way, it’s good

to spill from an envelope and feel
the drywall crack. New phones, new plans,

first monthly fee waived…and then, suddenly,
in darkness I ask for help (good sir, I am the Prince

of a small country in Nigira). You have not selected
any categories of interest yet:

a straightforward and serious talk about………….
from a spokesman who’s not wearing any pants.

Yes, I am interested in more comfortable pants:
Important tax return documents enclosed!

No sweat. Call me when you get back.
We can get some food or something.

My employer was killed in a starship accident
arranged by rebel forces. I am a piece of water in a tank.

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January 21st, 2010 / 11:43 pm