How to do this

i am Writer checklist

1.)    Skinny eyeglasses (unusual hue?)

2.)    Satchel

3.)    Fell for a compliment back when

4.)    Ponytail inappropriate to age (and hair heft, ply, puissance)

5.)    Earth tones (or all white?)

6.)    Access to drugs, but not the great ones

7.)    Took a strong found sentence, added two words, twisted, called it your own

8.)    Subaru in lot. Or bike. Or shoes with just a hint of yellow

9.)    Feels a small, repetitive animal jumping around inside stomach/thorax.

Am I missing something? I will stop at 9, since 9 is a holy number (in certain sections of hell).

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January 2nd, 2010 / 6:07 pm