I Can’t Keep My Own Secrets

Justin, my love, I’m not sure what to say about Tuesday’s event at the NYPL. It’s at the NYPL. The big, main one, with the lions. Patience and Fortitide, bitches! It’s our only big event in celebration of I Can’t Keep My Own Secrets, the only Six-Word Memoir book written entirely by 13-19 year olds. We’ll read from the book, talk about the project, show videos, take questions, and lead the room in a six-word slam. The best part will be the young writers who will share their six-worders and the stories behind them. They are brave. They are 13. They make your spring chicken ass look as old as Philip Roth.


Our facebook page for the event says: The ultimate six-word memoir slam — Larry and Rachel, friends and fans, teens and adults alike take the venerable New York Public Library by storm for a celebration of all things six. Share your stories and support the amazing teen writers braving the stage to tell theirs.

The library says:

I say: Peeps should come. Support the youngest readers and writers in their debut publications. I’ll bring candy.