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Holiday Lists

Do people still make Christmas lists? Or Hanukkah lists or something other? Most years I am asked by family to procure one so they have some idea beyond candy or whatever. Usually the lists are mostly books and clothes. This year I asked for

The Lost Origins of the Essay edited by John D’Agata
The Drug of Art by Ivan Blatny
Three Novellas by Thomas Bernhard
a by Andy Warhol
The Mandarin by Aaron Kunin
Cinema 1 by Gilles Deleuze
The Late Work of Margaret Kroftis by Mark Gluth

and I think a pair of shoes.

What books are on your freakin’ Xmas list, or your whatever-holiday-you-like list, or if you don’t mess with that mess, what would be if you did?

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December 3rd, 2009 / 5:33 pm