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Kool Keith on Writing

I read an interview with Kool Keith once where somebody asked him about his vocabulary, and he gave a list of 60 words that rhyme with orange. Every time writers want to sound like they’re saying something, they say why some rule someone else said is wrong. It’s all wrong, even the wronging of the wrong, even this paragraph.

Here’s some advice from Keith on how to do a making:


“When I say ‘I get all up in your ass,’ I mean that my rap is like combat, like anal combat.”

“Leave the 70s and the 80s alone. And the 90s.”

“I’mma stay right here with the roaches and the gorillas, I don’t want to move anywhere, I’m just gonna stay right here.”

“You been rappin for 20,000 years / And you ain’t got your fuckin deal yet? / What the fuck / Don’t take your problems out on me / And the rest of you muthafuckas / Walkin around lookin like/ some old alien niggas / Muthafucka, I pull your face off / ’bout to show you what the fuck you look like / Cause you keep it real / Too real muthafuckin broke / 2001 / Nobody was sayin that shit / when I was payin for them / fuckin hot wings / Hope you burn your fuckin lips”

“Like I’ll get open on somebody’s project like they will start their album off with 4 good beats, but they’ll make a mistake. They ll put a remake here in the middle of the album, two remakes and that turns me off right there.”

“I didn’t buy my computer yet. I heard the Internet is very powerful.”

“I seen rap come from a street pole and lamps in the street.”

“I’m not against women. I’m not against men. I just write about me telling my side of how I would say something.”

and all of the lyrics to “I Don’t Believe You”

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December 19th, 2009 / 5:40 pm