Level End


Walkthrough: A Review of Level End by Brian Oliu

Level End
by Brian Oliu
Origami Zoo Press, 2012
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Rating: 8.9







Level 1: The Choosing of Attributes, of Feats; the Learning of Movement—backwards, forwards, the strafe; the Acquisition of Weaponry.

You are in a room, then another. A series of rooms is a hallway and this is where you are. There is music—do not become attached: it will change. Brian Oliu is your guide, like Virgil to Dante. To succeed, look around the room. Hear the music. Now steal everything: the water, the bodies, the swords on racks—instruments of abstraction, of breaking into pieces. These are important. Nod to Brian Oliu. Do not forget to save. Proceed to the next room.

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