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Blake Butler Doesn’t Like Local HTML Giant Reading Posts and We Now Obviously Don’t Care anyway muncie is a large beast that sits in the middle of a burnt out church picking scabs out of its matted fur, flicking them into the rubble and sighing. it sits with its shoulders hunched low to the earth. muncie exists in a state of apathy and boredom. it takes naps several times a day and only ever leaves the walls of the burnt-out church to find food. if you approach muncie, it will not notice you, unless you crawl into its skin and become one of its many scabs (which happens often [it’s called “living there”]). muncie will never figure out what it wants out of life or what it needs to be happy. muncie needs a lot of love and attention, and fewer scabs. or for the scabs to start nurturing the skin of muncie. muncie needs to be taught to let the scabs heal and to walk out into the sun for a bit. that might make it feel better. and if muncie feels better, then muncie might actually try to fix itself. and i need the monster called muncie to stay alive because that monster taught me to be a monster, in my own way, and that is very important to me.

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 8TH (MUNCIE, IN) 8PM: Muncie, IN presents: A Fiction & Poetry Reading w/ Peter Davis and Austin Hayden and Harry Potter. Everyone who’s never been to or lived in Muncie thinks it’s weird we’re going to Muncie, but Muncie people know that a pilgrimage is necessary.


Mike Young at a PG/Baltimore Adam Robinson reading and leaping off a couch!

Mike Young leaping

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October 8th, 2014 / 9:53 am