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Why shouldn’t a book repress with its pages?

Every body is very old.

What is literal about the word ‘penis’? What do you think of when you read the word ‘penis’? If you are man? If you are a woman? Every body. For years I found it hard to imagine that my male friends also had dicks. Masturbation isn’t simulation.

“Ejaculaton is a waste of valuable resources.” Does this statement attack the female? Does this statement attack the male? Does this statement attack? Does this statement?

Some people find it hard to believe when people aren’t willing to concede that sex is sex. That in not thinking this, it is by some avoidance, some superiority, some hiding. The necessity of defecating is much more quietly acquiesced. No one questions the morality of the operation of negotiating the shitter’s ass with the shitting hole, though sometimes just as much skin is placed. And a longer lingering of air. Some of my friends find it surprising I can’t smell come. My urine the last few weeks has smelled like food. Ratios of water. Cookbooks.

Male and female rats have been shown to find it more difficult to sleep when the smell of a previously housed male rat lingers in the cage.

Sad. Dead guys and alive guys on a brightly colored graph.

Suppose an object is not required to reckon sociologically with every object it contains. Suppose it contains. Suppose even the objects that are the most accessible to placing in dotted-line-connected camps.

Fucking camps! [“See how he meant that two ways at once?”]

“Did your urethra write that?” [I wish it had.] “Which kind?”

Certain books are culled, not called.

Reading is a self-indulgent act. Blinking is a self-indulgent act, too. When books aren’t self-indulgent they aren’t there.

The politics of sitting.

Today I learned that the phrase “telefono” means Repeated blows to the ears rupturing the tympanic membranes.

When the first consideration is of a switch outside the object, the considerer has not listened. “How do I fit into this?” “All of this is…”

“These are my concerns.” “This is how I can make a [      ] via consideration.” “This is this.”


A Dissection of ‘the High Five’ in the Works of These Works Written By Those Body Formats under Pressure

What Meats Are or Are Not Avoided In the Production of My Favorite Tacos

“My Art of Your Art” “Art is”

“My Vote for the next new president”

The plane of organization is constantly working away at the plane of consistency, always trying to plug the lines of flight, stop or interrupt the movements of deterritorialization, weigh them down, restratify them, reconstitute forms and subjects in a dimension of depth.

Googling ‘penis book’ results mostly in porn. ‘Vagina book’ is much more widely varied, but contains instructions, jokes, costumes, less porn.

Trees get grown. Water in the food. Why shouldn’t a

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