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Mad Dash Around the Internets


The Rumpus talks to Peter Hughes of The Mountain Goats. They also have a review of Wormwood, Nevada, a new novel by David Oppegaard.

Christopher Hitchens on Stieg Larssen.

Guerrilla cyclists paint illegal bike lanes back into an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood where the woman-hating morality squad got special permission from the city to have their bike lanes removed because they didn’t want inappropriately dressed women (read- in shorts, maybe *gasp* tee shirts) riding freely through their streets. What part of Jerusalam is this happening in? Try Williamsburg, Brooklyn, motherfuckers.

And, since I’m annoyed with the far-asshat Right flank of “my” people, why don’t we all kick a little sand in their eye by learning about the Shi’a legend/prophecy/doctrine(?) of The Hidden Imam.

Kimberly King Parsons on some developing competition for Amazon. Also at Faster Times: Jay Diamond reviews a graphic biography of Trotsky, Michael Kimball talks to Dylan Landis.

What else? Dennis C. has new male escorts up. I think my favorite is “BlondRobin,” or else the one tangled up in blue light.  Anyone else? Favorites? Here’s another one to end on. Happy Tuesday!


All he wants for Christmas is for that cigarette to be stubbed out in the middle of his star tattoo.

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December 15th, 2009 / 12:51 pm