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Hey do you remember ska?  I do!  It was SO GOOD.  My parents were all like ‘don’t listen to that razzamatazz!’ and I was like ‘but mom there are HORNS in there!’ and she’s like ‘well, can’t argue with a good horn section…’ and then this gave her the opportunity to make me listen to Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass and then I saw the album cover and my eyes were all like ‘boinnnnng!’

I started listening to ska because Melissa Napoleon (happy Bastille Day btw) had a patch on her Jansport that covered up the Jansport that said ‘SKA’ on it!  At first I thought it meant SKATE or POLSKA but nope!  So I went to the Princeton Record Exchange and bought three albums!  Skankin’ Pickle – The Green Album!  Fugazi – Repeater +3 Songs!  Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today!  Two of them changed my life!  One of them did not!

Either way, we can all laugh about it now!  (Literary Ska-Band Names:  David Foster Skalas, The National Books Critic’s Circle Skaward, One Hundred Years of Ska-litude)

Except for SOMEONE WE KNOW.  Yes, Pitchfork Media, the Internet equivalent to that one friend who is kind of a douche but sometimes suggests decent stuff except when they went on that art-noise kick (ew!) had a layout change a few months ago.  In this giant html htmlgiant-like facelift, they did a little bit of housekeeping, including eliminating the 9.5 review they gave of Save Ferris’ debut album ‘It Means Everything’.  A 9.5!  Wha!  You remember those guys!  They were famous for being mis-identified as No Doubt when you downloaded their feel-good cover of ‘Come On Eileen’ off of Napster!  They had a song called ‘Spam’ that was about ‘Spam’ the meat not ‘Spam’ the email!  9.5!

Seriously…the review exists (it was one of the super short ones way back when) and is absolutely nowhere to be found on the Interwebs; a link from Wikipedia is dead.  We at Le Giant are no stranger to unpublishing and the risks of publication online, but this is a conspiracy like that conspiracy movie!  If you can find this review it needs to be saved 4ever!  SAVE SAVE FERRIS

July 14th, 2009 / 7:47 pm