Thom Jones and Schopenhauer

I Have Some FUNNY Ideas!

I Have Some FUNNY Ideas!

About fifteen years ago, or something like that, I read The Pugilist at Rest by Thom Jones. I liked it very much. I also thought it was funny how he chews over the same stuff in most of the stories. More than once, some character of his talks about Schopenhauer. I had read some Schopenhauer in college, but after reading The Pugilist at Rest, I decided to read some more. I liked him very much, more than any other philosopher at that time in my life. (I read very little philosophy, so that is not saying much.)  So, today, when I fell over a pile of books that are laying on the floor in my office,  I fell over Schopenhauer. And I found something really funny. Now, I am posting this excerpt, but  this is not to say he didn’t say lots of cool stuff, too. Anyway, here it is:


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March 7th, 2009 / 7:11 pm