Shut up and read Mary Miller

30 Beginnings: Mary Miller

My sister is inside watching a movie and bleeding.

Mr. Fuller was the new choir teacher.

He shows you his drawings, sketchbooks full of naked women.

The whole time I was manipulating him I was telling him how it was done.

Now that I’ve finished grading, finished everything here that there is to finish, I’m in bed, watching the occasional big-winged bird fly by, listening to the crackheads smash their words together.

File his stories in your head: Homosexual experience, Threesomes, prostitution, Asian girls.

They were talking about their diseases.

Denis called his fiancée my old lady.

There’s a leak, I told him, it’s right over my bed.

He had an air gun, a beer box set up to shoot.

You’re making out with a stranger in a trailer when the bed breaks.

I went to a wedding reception at the house of a man who painted with his ass.

It was a summer program.


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August 26th, 2011 / 3:32 pm