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More talk of Joyce, because we all know y’all love Joyce.

Lucia Joyce: Troubled Spawn

Lucia Joyce: Troubled Spawn

Speaking of James Joyce, check out this post on MobyLives about the latest on the Joyce estate’s “disgusting” attempt at censorship.

Here’s a little quote from The Stanford News about some of the nastiness that’s been going on:

Stephen Joyce has stopped countless public readings of his grandfather’s works and discouraged a generation of research. At one point, he told a prominent Joyce scholar that he was no longer giving permission to quote from any of Joyce’s work. He told one performer, who had simply memorized a portion of Finnegans Wake for an onstage presentation, that he had probably “already infringed” on the estate’s copyright, according to a 2006 New Yorker story.

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October 1st, 2009 / 11:36 am