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In a year of many masters dead, today is Cormac McCarthy’s 78th birthday. Tyler Flynn Dorholt started a thread on FB for sharing some favorite lines in celebration. Really it could be most any of his lines in most any of his books. Add your favorites here?

“Friends row by row watched his passing and waved at him with their fingers and whispered among themselves. Who’d spoke of disorders of the soul and news of the night. When you asked for the shop of the heart’s apothecary we thought you mad. We saw you took down to the brainsurgeon’s keep, deep in the cellar, under the street. Where saws sang in stoven skulls and wet bonemeal blew from an airshaft in the alleyway. Out there in the blue moonlight a gray shecorpse being loaded into a truck. It pulled away into the night. Horned minstrels, small dancing dogs in harlequin garb followed after.” – Suttree

Happy bday, big dog.

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July 20th, 2010 / 1:01 pm

a paragraph i’d kill to have written

He woke with the undersides of his eyelids inflamed by the high sun’s hammering, looked up to a bland and chinablue sky traversed by lightwires.  A big lemoncolored cat watched him from the top of a woodstove.  He turned his head to see it better and it elongated itself like hot taffy down the side of the stove and vanished headfirst in the earth without a sound.  Suttree lay with his hands palm up at his sides in an attitude of frailty beheld and the stink that fouled the air was he himself.  He closed his eyes and moaned.  A hot breeze was coming across the barren waste of burnt weeds and rubble like a whiff of battlesmoke.  Some starlings had alighted on a wire overhead in perfect progression like a piece of knotted string fallen slantwise.  Crooning, hooked wings.  Foul yellow mutes came squeezing from under their faned tails.  He sat up slowly, putting a hand over his eyes.  The birds flew.  His clothes cracked with a thin dry sound and shreds of baked vomit fell from him. 


Suttree, Cormac McCarthy

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September 23rd, 2009 / 3:02 pm