the late work of margaret krofits

An Interview with Mark Gluth

Brand new from Dennis Cooper’s Little House on the Bowery imprint of Akashic Books is a fantastic short novella by Mark Gluth, titled The Late Work of Margaret Kroftis. As with all the books on Little House, there is a certain air of magic, maze-making, language-play, and reinvention to be expected in those titles, and Gluth’s amazing webcomb of image and memory-tricks is certainly no exception. Reading this book it felt aurally pleasant in a way of great refreshment, with mirror time worming and layers of photography and weaving of levels of consciousness and continuity, all in very brief, clean sentences; a beautiful package with one of the most memorable endings I’ve read in a while. Feels of classical short French writing but in modern American scenery, which I can’t remember having happened in other books. A lot of people I will know will really like this.

Immediately after reading, I contacted Mark and talked to him some about the book, his process, language making, and so on. Our interaction follows, and I believe will make you, if you don’t already, want to get a hold of his beautiful text glyph.


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January 25th, 2010 / 3:04 pm