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1. Of all the online issues of magazines I’ve read and stared at, this is probably still the one I still open and stare and feel motivated by getting peeks of: Johannes Göransson’s guest edited all modern Swedish poetry issue of Typo.

2. At Vice, excellent interview with photographer Antonie D’Agata: “In this process of fictionalising an unreachable truth, it’s up to them to impose their doubts about any photographic truth, or accept being impotent pawns in the mediatic game.”

3. Argos Books is a press new to me who is having a year end sale on some beautiful handmade book objects.

4. At Ubu, Samuel Beckett’s “Film” starring Buster Keaton from 1965. 24 minutes of almost total silence.

5. Free download of Foucault’s Fearless Speech (2001), a series of 6 lectures he delivered just before his death, re: “Parrhesia is a verbal activity in which a speaker expresses his personal relationship to truth through frankness instead of persuasion, truth instead of flattery, and moral duty instead of self-interest and moral apathy.”

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December 16th, 2010 / 3:19 pm

Typo 14 is out. I just started reading, but Foley rips as usual and Sommer Browning pickles my butt so good: “If a human exploded isn’t a question.” More.

It’s a Narwhal!


Yesterday’s birthday girl Julia Cohen wasn’t the only birthday girl this week, apparently. Adele Cecilia was born Thursday in Fayetteville, Arkansas unto Katy & Matthew Henriksen, the inimitable wife-husband team responsible for Typo, Cannibal, Narwhal, The Frank Stanford Literary Festival, and the Burning Chair Series. Facebook’s being a punk right now, but later when it stops, there are pictures of the happy baby and proud parents on Matt’s page. Big internet hug to all 3 of you.

Also, just a heads up- Sunday’s birthday girl is Joshua Cohen.

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September 5th, 2009 / 1:17 am