writing rooms

My room

In three hours I will own a house. There will be a room to write in. A word space of my own. There will be books in this room and a big blue French farmhouse table. There will be a comfortable chair and sunlight. The sounds of birds outside the window. A big hawk’s nest in the tree above. There will be college students next door, and sometimes I will think about how new their lives are as I write, how unformed creatures begin to take form and find shape. There will be coffee. I will make lamps out of the glass jars I’ve been collecting for a year. I will live alone with my pets in this house. At night, it will be quiet, and sometimes I will cherish the silence.

Sometimes I’ll wonder what I’m doing there in my new writing room, all the luxury of selfhood skating away.

Sometimes I’ll be afraid.

What scares you about writing?

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May 27th, 2010 / 1:43 pm