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  1. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      I recently learned that contemporary pueblo cultures do not use the term ‘ruins’ to describe ancestral pueblo dwellings, b/c they believe those sites are still occupied by their ancestors, and the current physical/material state of the architecture is just a different part of its life cycle…. interesting shift in worldview, I thought.

  2. Erik Stinson

      in an more infinite landscape, before maps and private poverty, there might have been room for the spiritual and the historical

  3. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      I think there are some uncanny places where that kind of room rubs up against the private and mapped… like Detroit.

  4. Matthew Simmons
  5. deadgod
  6. ĴɎĦ

      Magnetic Legacies

  7. mimi

      DAMN, those malls

  8. jereme_dean

      think you should definitely get some sort of honorable mention for finding the most banal movie clip on youtube.

  9. mimi

      Tarkovsky’s Stalker

  10. deadgod

      godard is worth your patience, son

  11. deadgod

      It’s a great project. I doubt the sensationalism (?) of “dead”, but maybe that’s its point.

  12. mimi

      also, there’s a “dead mall” scene in Gone Girl

  13. jereme_dean

      only an academic would think film warrants or deserves patience…

  14. deadgod

      That’s just not true, jereme. I think some movies are worth patience, and I don’t have the political skilz to be an academic.

  15. mimi

      “dead house” might be more sensational….
      and creepy

  16. mimi
  17. deadgod

      I first thought ‘haunted’ rather than “dead” malls, but the former seems as sensational a term as the latter in the current pop-cult economy.

      In the Rostov-on-Don link, I think commenter LEVON is right: the windows from inside the building are shaped differently than the windows from outside — it’s not the same building. (On the inside, it seems a lot larger, too… but that could be an illusion?)

      Detroit has become pretty representative of urban evacuation (Tim mentions it, above). I’ve read that as many as a quarter of a million ‘homes’ in the city limits are abandoned but still repairable, but man, that’s a lot. (For example, the building in that stream above “Abandoned House 24 / $35.00”, with “REGINA” over the front door, just below the bricks crumbling below the oval window, looks pretty nice.)

      It’s important that history blame corporate mismanagement and larceny and fiscal conservatism in government for the neutron-bomb of ‘Detroit’… those, or blame black people!

  18. mimi

      also, there’s a ‘ruin’ in the last episode of True Detective

      have you seen True Detective?

  19. deadgod
  20. mimi

      especially like #4 & #9

      and am curious, WHY they’re abandoned

  21. mimi

      re: Detroit, have you seen Searching for Sugarman?