February 6th, 2012 / 11:27 am
Vicarious MFA



  1. postitbreakup

      [again] APA ON ACID

  2. Melissa Broder

      did you like the song postitbreakup?

  3. postitbreakup

      not really but i feel the urge to tell you i liked it because you seem so adorably into it so i’ll say yeah it was good

  4. Anonymous

       Acid doesn’t induce effeminate folk singing.

  5. Christopher Higgs

      Hey Melissa,

      To get the videos to work, just paste the address directly into the the window where you type the post, without any embedding or anything….alas, I still don’t know how to center or size the videos…but that will at least get it to appear in your post :)

  6. postitbreakup
  7. Anonymous

       hahaha. you guys still haven’t figured out how to use wordpress around here?

  8. Anonymous

       noah cicero looks bad these days.

  9. Christopher Higgs

      Sad but true, Jereme.  Sad but true.

  10. Anonymous

       on a less derisive note: this dude is describing a dmt trip, not an acid trip.

      fat difference.

  11. postitbreakup


  12. Melissa Broder
  13. Melissa Broder

      for the win!

  14. Anonymous

       I dunno if I believe Manson did LSD regularly, which is my original point: drugs are not the root cause of shitty art.

      But you got me to laugh, Melissa.

  15. Melissa Broder

      Thanks. I’m glad.
      Look At Your Game Girl is a really special song. More special, even, than MLA on Ice.

  16. Anonymous

       Are you passive-aggressive glad, or happy glad?  I can’t tell and haven’t interacted with you much before.

      I would say the Manson song was more special to.  Cult leaders are the best.

  17. Melissa Broder

      genuine glad.

      <3 cult leadership. more of a follower m'self. we can't all be leaders i guess.