November 18th, 2010 / 9:12 am
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Congratulations Patti Smith

Patti Smith won the National Book Award. You know what this means right.

Probably it takes so long for the language of life to pry its way into literature because most writers are too busy doing that to live it. In Patti’s case of course writing was music most of the time and she was living and doing. She was a poet before she was a rock star. The same thing I think. Just different ways of doing.

My friend read the book and she thought it was great. I recommended she go to the library for some Eileen Myles. I think it will take a while to get Just Kids from the library.

Oh yeah and umm. The fuck is this?

Some reason suddenly want to know who gets sent more librarian noodz: founder of Wikipedia or president of the American Library Association.

Click that picture for
some kind of weird shit.


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  1. Trey

      that picture of patti smith is mesmerizing.

  2. Janey Smith

      I like her feet.

  3. Karl

      seriously, they thought this was the best nonfiction book of the year? this wasn’t the best nonfiction book I read that week. it’s amazing how even supposedly smart book people are still star-fucking even when the star is question is a sort of minor and boring star—but I guess she’s a star with serious street cred. it’s a pretty good book, but not a great one

  4. reynard seifert

      like i said i haven’t read it, thanks for sharing, i disagree that she is a minor star, that’s just to say that you don’t care about punk or whatever, i actually don’t like most of her stuff but her first album is like really good and she was important to a lot of people i like more than her and that means something i think

  5. Learnin4

      patti smith is the mother of punk. period. something yous clearly wouldn’t understand.

  6. Miss Flesh

      Years ago, in GEORGE, Smith told JFK, Jr. that she didn’t believe that poets deserve NEA grants or prizes. Apparently grants and prizes are OK if you take pix or rip-off Rimbaud via Jim Morrison.

  7. Miss Flesh

      The “mother” of punk is Nico–something you haven’t learned, Learnin’4–listen to “Nibelungen” (1968)–then apologize.