November 18th, 2010 / 6:01 pm
Author Spotlight



  1. Kyle Minor

      The wearing of a beret is the surest indication that a person will be more interested in talking about being a writer than actually being one, as far as I can tell.

  2. Jimmy Chen

      they are like head condoms; or better yet, thought condoms

  3. jereme_dean

      spot the beret @ awp?

  4. lily hoang

      those colors are the best, jimmy.

  5. @_justvibing


  6. Blake Butler

      if someone actually was repping a beret i would buy their book.

      barth aint lyin

  7. James Yeh


  8. Tadd Adcox

      I will have Barth’s back in any damn fight.

      Unless it’s about Giles Goat-Boy. That book did have its problems.

  9. Guest

      19-year-old me wants to fight you so hard.

  10. deadgod

      75 skins??

      Does the beret come with a Gorkha dagger?

  11. deadgod

      75 skins??

      Does the beret come with a Gorkha dagger?

  12. chris r

      Berets are kind of like boogers. When I’m talking to someone “wearing” either, I find my self concentrating so hard on not staring at it that I can’t actually converse and I generally leave feeling really uncomfortable.

      A bunch of cashiers at Whole Foods were wearing them the other day… I decided to get in a longer line for a cashier not wearing one. I wondered if the if the line was that long because everybody else was thinking the same thing. Can a mother fucker not buy hummus without being subjected to berets? Fuck.