November 24th, 2010 / 11:15 am
Author Spotlight

Interview with E.E. Cummings



  1. Hank

      You were always my favorite member…of Wings.

  2. Igor

      That was sexy. Thanks Jimmy.

  3. deadgod

      Golden lads and girls all must,
      As chimney sweepers, come to dust.

  4. Michael I

      lol “dude, seriously. chill

      lol “get’s”

      this is great

  5. i.e.

      somebody should parse e. e. comings to see if it would read more easily as javascript. doesn’t look like this code loaded jQuery properly.

      debug. something like; that
      syntax: vertical;

  6. reynard seifert

      last weekend i was at a bar trying to figure out how to pry my way into conversation with this group of three abnormally attractive women and i heard them say something about e.e. cummings re: proper grammar in literature and knew i had it made, despite many flirty hands on my arms, etc, i ended up with no more than a homemade business card and a sadface in my heart, thanks for reminding me jimbo, let’s get drunk soon

  7. Erik Stinson

      jesus, jimmy..

  8. arnie


      e. “

      rules. god i adore E.E .Cummings so much.

  9. Merzmensch

      Awesome, Jimmy!
      E.E. Cummings is a book I’m reading at nights.
      It helps me to fight through the darkness.
      He is like ocean. Or say, like a postman. Whatever.
      He is great. You also.

      Yours sayingly,

  10. Miss Flesh

      Cummings was a right-wing nut–teabag variety. He was the first choice for JFK’s inaugural speech, but he turned it down because he voted for Nixon–he told friends that Kennedy was a communist who would destroy America. See–you can’t tell someone’s soul from their linebreaks.