January 21st, 2011 / 8:01 pm
Author Spotlight

New chapbooks from A Minetta Gould and Amber Nelson

poems by Amber Nelson
poems by Ashley Gould

covers by Kelly Packer
that’s Brilliant Publishing

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  1. Trey

      this book design is a good idea. I was going to do a chapbook a few months ago with a friend and it was going to function this way, but the friend kind of bailed and now publishing genius did it.

      but it looks awesome!

  2. Adam Robinson

      I have seen a couple other books that are done this way — notably the hardback of Savoca/Malone from Scrambler and Be Light by Chris Toll b/w Buck Downs’s Recreational Vehicle.

      So, you know, you should still do it!

  3. Janey Smith

      Always awesome.

  4. Nate
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