October 11th, 2008 / 12:58 pm
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Peter Markus is a monk I think

Brother Markus’s interview on Detroit radio WDET is now posted in its entirely with a backup photo montage have now been posted on Youtube for our enjoyment.

Peter talks a lot about writing his new novel BOB, OR MAN ON BOAT from Dzanc Books, including inspiration, rejection, and an excerpt read in Peter’s highly incantatory speech.

“Nothing’s conscious for me, Greg.”

I really enjoy listening to Peter talk, on paper on from the mouth, I think he would be capable of hypnotizing babies in a way that made them smarter, if I ever have a baby I will ask Peter to come down and make the child’s head fattened in the good way.

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  1. Justin Taylor

      monk and a half, i’d wager

  2. Justin Taylor

      monk and a half, i’d wager