May 24th, 2011 / 4:00 pm
Author Spotlight

Today & Tomorrow Today

Here. Now. Today. Ofelia Hunt‘s Today & Tomorrow. I read it and liked it very much. (No surprise. No offense meant to any of the other wonderful books from Bear Parade, but My Eventual Bloodless Coup is the site’s monster.)

Today is her birthday. Her sisters are Merna and Anastasia, who once told her it was good luck to touch all doorknobs. Her boyfriends are Aaron, whom she just met, and Erik, whose name is actually Todd. Her grandfather worked in a tin can factory. Now he bakes blueberry pies and laughs and says it’s all true. In the Carlsbad Caverns, Bill Murray wields a giant robot, swallowing families. Today is in Wal-Mart, in Denny’s, at the ice rink. Tomorrow there will be blood on the zamboni. Tomorrow there will be a voice that locks the door behind her. Set among haunted parking lots and AM-PMs and home invasions, Today & Tomorrow melts identity, memory, and consciousness into a hypnotic and hilarious adventure of body and mind, the haunting absurdity of what it means to be a person that can make up everything but itself.

“This book would like to give you an ice cream, but you will have to get in the van.” — Amelia Gray, author of Museum of the Weird

Go get it.

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  1. darby

      excited for this one

  2. Blake Butler

      i feel like i learned a lot from reading My Eventual Bloodless Coup back in the day. this book takes that vibe to the next level. Ofelia has a weird sense of physics in sentences that is kind of unlike anywhere else

  3. Anonymous

      Best blurb ever, that one by A. Gray.

  4. Anonymous

      Best blurb ever, that one by A. Gray.

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