June 13th, 2011 / 2:34 pm
Behind the Scenes

Alternative Names for “The Guggenheim”

The Googleheim

The Googleshine

The Google Doctrine Display

Maker’s Mark presents “The Guggenheim”

The Gigglebutt

Gmail Chat

The Guggenhymie

The Guggenwop

The Windowchime

The Bitchenheim

The Windowbitch

The Googlehymen

The Bitchhymen

The Hymenbitch

The Hymenbond

The Boddington’s Pub Ale

The window maker

Capitol Hill

Boston Market

Mike Higgins

Baskin Robbins

Richard Yates

Coors Banquet

The Jewgenheim

The Lugerheim

Peter Luger Steakhouse

Pierre Lungenheim

Paul Gauguinheim

Grass grave, Greeny mine


Give Me Mine

Chosen Time

The End of Rhyme

Lost in Thyme

Lost in Space

Graceful Wine

Goody-Goody Google Time

Bud Light with Lime

Give Me Death or Give Me Crime

Orange Rind

Malaise Whine

Leading Lady Loving Cock

A Fellow by the Name of “Joshua Terrytown”

The Gouche ’n Stuff

Grope and Grin

Chinaman’s Delight

Anal Gazing

Blazing Glazed Anus


Fight Club

The Chicken Shit

The Salt Display

The Mining Town

The Gowanus Mobile

Frank’s House of Jazz

The Michener Oeuvre

Planck’s Constant

Ovarian Testaverde

168 7th avenue

whole foods

The Holy Diver

The Unlikely Combo

Arby’s Breakfast


The Sticky Sandwich

The Uncorrected Galley

The Untied Testicles

The Pigeon Index

SHOCKtober Museum

I Am Like Friday When I’m Tired

I Am Shocked on Fridays and in Several Months of the Year upon Hearing Unexpected News such as the First Successful Treatment for HIV

HIV Is Essentially an Anagram of VH1


Compiled via email and text between May 2010 to February 2011



  1. david jones

      lol, “the boddington’s pub ale”

  2. deadgod

      The Loogeyheim

  3. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Did you check out that haunted house installment at the Bougiemanheim

      Did you check out that bully installment at the Noogieheim

      Did you check out that Green Day installement at the Dookieheim, it’s right next to Limp Bizkit’s installment at the Nookieheim

      Did you check out that Japanese expression of affection at the SukiSukiheim

      Oh yeah I just got a short term job over at the Gigenheim

      Where should we go to walk off this hangover to avoid the alternative of feeling bad about staying in and watching Simpsons reruns until we go out drinking again tonight

  4. deadgod

      Did you let 100 ride on the Mavs at Bookieheim

  5. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      I would have if I had made it to Bookieheimintime

  6. deadgod

      Not me; I was dreading Comebackfortheagesheim ’til the fourth quarter

      Now I actually feel a scrap of a smidge of a trace of an iota of compassion for Southbeachtalentheim

      I miss Fullstoppunctuationheim

  7. Janey Smith

      After a day of bad, saucy art: The Raguggenheimlich Maneuver.

  8. Drew Lerman

      Steve Cooganheim?

  9. Jeje Lin


  10. victoria trott

      heh heh