August 15th, 2011 / 8:58 pm
Behind the Scenes

Gordon Lish Explores a New Gimmick

The esteemed author and former editor continues to push the limits and exceed our wildest expectations.


Watch Lish do the Ugly Dance here!

Cynthia Ozick commented, “The surprise of surprises, the grotesqueries of bizarre-ities (and vice versa). A new invention, catapulting into the blackest hole of all, grinning all the way.”

DeLillo, delighted, stated that Lish is “famous for all the wrong reasons.”

I for one can’t wait to see what the old trailblazer will do next.

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  1. Samuel Gulpan

      Holy shit this fit in well with ¬°TchKung! I am listening to them now.

  2. Corey Zeller

      Is this the kind of shit I am going to send people when I am in my fifties…oh, wait…I’ll be dead.

  3. Justin Chandler

      is this real?

  4. Leopoldbloom

      Somehow, “new gimmick, same as the old gimmick” seems apropos.

  5. Anonymous

      it would be rad if he sang the song too

  6. Brooks Sterritt


  7. Ryan Ridge

      Man, Lish can dance!

  8. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      if groove is in the heart, this is deee-liteful. it’s deee-lovely. it’s deee-licious

  9. deadgod

      cooler ass dancing than jagger or madonna that is for sure

      the screen had to tell me to change move because I’m stupider than swedish danceteriacs

  10. mimi
  11. crdathe