June 16th, 2012 / 8:49 pm
Behind the Scenes

Just FYI

I was sorting my mail and was about to throw this out when the phrase, “You… A Bestselling Author?” caught my eye. The training is free so… act now. If you partake of the training and learn how to get on the New York Times bestseller list, do let us know!


  1. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      His head looks like an orange with mold on top. That is all.

  2. Steven Pine

      His name is the best part, if I had the name Jack Canfield I’ll be a best selling author too!

  3. Henry Fry

      Amazing. I’m ordering mine today!

  4. Mike James

      A note. Let’s say his credentials stand. Thats 500 million books in print. Raise your hand if you’ve done better. Alright. Cool. But also, what if he genuinely is trying to help. Its crazy to fathom, right, in this world of anti-care mantras. I mean, you’re putting this guys face up here and taking a covered chuckle poke of fun at him. You (the general HTMLG moderators) have poked fun at other writers but your tone is that they (whom you poke fun at) are of some literary quality.

  5. Roxane

      I poke fun at anyone who claims to sell a magic formula for publishing success, absolutely. That formula does not exist. This guy co-created a series of “heartwarming,” “feel good,” books that are sold everywhere from churches to truck stops. It’s a clever idea. It’s a once in a lifetime idea. Good for him. What he’s hawking here, unsolicited, I might add, is a scam and all kinds of people get taken in by this nonsense. It’s criminal. Free? For the first video, and then I have no doubt all kinds of money is involved. This guy isn’t running a charity. There are lots of ways people can learn about publishing and some of those ways involve money, but online training videos? No, that is not the way. Please. 

  6. Mike James

      HowStuffWorks.com and eHow have online training videos. There are training videos to fix your car. To paint. To do everything. To become a professional something. People out in the world watch videos to learn to be, all the time. They are looking for something. Who are you to state that they cannot successfully reach their goals out of watching these things? I get it, it is not about the people as much as it is about the individuals selling these services to what you deem is a susceptible public. But there’s a couple of things going on here:

      * A Professional Writer (you) see’s someone trying to guide people who are otherwise non-professionals to walk into their office and start working.

      * It is not that easy, but you take umbrage w/ the fact he makes it seem that easy. Many people may be in a sensitive state and think it will be extremely hard to start writing. Because sometimes it is.

      “Running a charity” is a scapegoat in terms of phrasing and overall tone in relation to your side of the argument. He may be genuinely trying to help. And there is no difference because his genuine want of help and the MFA program. Taking money for a service such as instructing creativity isn’t such a bad thing. The difference is in the way it is advertised and its perception. And any negativity you may try to infer from my parallel of the MFA program is not there. I am in fact saying for what it is, the MFA program can be a great thing to use, just as this offer for services can be a great thing to use.

      There is a sea of MFA programs/book contests as there is a sea of such individuals offering service. And who can know which is OK and which is SCAM. The MFA program is supposed to be vetted by the housing institution and its instructors, I understand, but even the vetted programs have the same risks as these advertisements.

      These online videos also operate the same as a first book award in terms of gaining confidence.

      I mean, to condense: These online videos Your perception is a manifestation of the environment and industry you operate in, and for all you know this guy can be super legit, super nice, and actually help people. Don’t just put him on blast like that and make fun of dude. Because if another writer who did this and actually progressed creatively found your post, they’d feel real stupid.

      Don’t poke fun at people for no other reason than your unverified perceptions.

  7. Bobby Dixon
  8. Anonymous

      Jack Canfield, next Htmlgiant writer

      that would be so funny and weird

      i bet no one would be mean to him at all in the comments

  9. Mike James

      That video was creepy bro. Like duper-creepy. Reminded me of that muskrat in Madagascar 3 w/ the big soulful eyes who makes soft noises at the weirdest shit.