January 28th, 2011 / 3:37 am
Behind the Scenes

Mendelsund on Kafka

More great covers and Peter’s thoughts on the redesign.

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  1. dan

      Damn, those are pretty. “F. Kafka” is a nice touch.

      From the comments: “It looks like the fine people at Pantheon/Schocken are going to make some posters, and maybe some other things as well- we’ll see.”

  2. letters journal

      Reading that blog is going to ruin me financially.

  3. alan

      These are stunning and complement the work beautifully.

      I hope Schocken is sticking with the old Muir translations which, for all their imperfections, are still the most readable.

  4. Sean


      I’d like to buy some posters of these covers. Are they for sale?

  5. deadgod

      The eyeballs work pretty well; the Metamorphosis gag is great (could have been the draw to this blogicle) and I especially like the Diaries keyholes. But –

      – whoa. Schocken was publishing Kafka in Hebrew in Palestine while his family was being liquidated?

      . . .