February 17th, 2011 / 5:14 pm
Behind the Scenes

Submissions are not the lifesblood of a magazine. Readers are.

I felt like being catty today I guess.



  1. Lincoln Michel

      Is there a way to “like” a post here?

  2. Trey

      yup, right above where it says “showing x comments”

  3. Trey

      yup, right above where it says “showing x comments”

  4. Zachary German

      Number one white cop killer in America, nay, the world.

  5. Zachary German

      Number one white cop killer in America, nay, the world.

  6. karl taro

      so, do I just submit my story here in the comments section?

  7. karl taro

      so, do I just submit my story here in the comments section?

  8. adam m.


  9. drew kalbach

      the ethics of this! the ethics!

  10. Mark C

      this feels even more relevant after reading Daniel Nester and Steve Black’s study on Bookslut.

  11. Ryan Call
  12. James Yeh

      Long live the dead website.

  13. M. Kitchell

      “why does it look dead, it is a website”
      is maybe my new favorite thing ever

  14. Nathaniel Wanley

      “Deborah Treisman, Fiction Editor of The New Yorker, said last year that writers submitting to the slush pile aren’t very savvy about about the business of publishing and therefore must not be savvy about writing” Maud Newton.

      Having no submission facility is a much more ethical way of excluding the preterite masses of the non-savvy.

  15. Anonymous

      long live the new flesh

  16. shaun gannon

      “is X viable” and “is X dead” are two very different questions

      but similar in that they are both dumb

  17. BAC

      what’s always puzzling to me is this: why the hell do non-solicited submitters think so dam highly of themselves? you are not a customer. this in not a restaurant. assume you will be rejected. assume you are wasting your time. good magazines are not quilt clubs. just because you’re around doesn’t mean you’re important. what’s wrong with that? it’s fine not to matter. think about all the people in the world who have no idea you exist. it’s okay. exist when you can and be nothing most of the time. just like everybody else. you’re no different just because you have an e-mail account. you’re no different because you pressed save on the DOC file. if a party is taking place and you weren’t invited it doesn’t mean the party has ceased to be. it only means you need to figure out another way to pass your time.

  18. Mark C

      yeah, that one!

  19. Sean

      Oh, fucking A!

  20. Jimmy Chen

      before i published ‘a lot’ i simply wanted to publish ‘a lot’; i think that is an honest feeling. i don’t think the internet made humans glib, i think humans made humans glib. i can’t wait until all the websites is dead, then i can be alive again. 404 is god’s street address.

  21. deadgod

      blake is publishing a submission

      sonant capillaries

      win win

  22. deadgod

      chaos is subletting, with a view to granulating the foundation

  23. Morry Ale Liver

      A sumbitchshun is the lifeblood of Oedipal overthrow?

  24. elizabeth ellen

      cattiness is underrated as a survival technique. catty blake is my favorite blake. (did i get the whole anus, p.h.? i know you watch for that shit.)

  25. darby

      writers need readers. magazines just need money.

  26. M. Kitchell

      the capitalist mode of appreciation is a dead scene man, in the future everything is free

      as kathy acker said “There should be all the food and medicine you need […] Luxury, fun, etc. everywhere all the time.”

  27. Robert Swartwood

      The lifesblood of a magazine is reading fees. HIGH reading fees. Duh.

  28. darby

      that sounds fine. i didnt mean to express an ideology. just an observation.

  29. shaun gannon

      the lifeblood of a magazine is actual blood

  30. James Yeh

      that and guts (or is it “butts?”)

  31. jesusangelgarcia


  32. zusya
  33. William Owen

      As a writer, and among the writers I know, he writer’s natural condition is wanting to punch most things most of the time, so this seems about right.