April 17th, 2012 / 1:19 pm
Behind the Scenes

Wittgenstein’s Mistress Rejection List

via Biblioklept

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  1. Michael Filippone

      Seeing this reminds me how douchey some people can be. It’s no wonder publishing still drags around the ivory tower imagery.

      #18 – “Brilliant – 25 years ahead of it’s time – NO” Why would you not want to publish the next thing? You want yesterday’s thing? Yesterday’s thing was aversion to ebooks, look where that got you.

      #5 – “Too brilliant – NO” Go fuck yourself.

  2. Michael Filippone

      It’s not even my book and this hurts so much.

  3. Cal A. Mari

      Funny the Lish, bumping from 21 to 7 … important enough to cause renumeration. Be curious to know what crossed out part said. 

      Also “Keeper of the Ghosts”?! 

  4. Michael Filippone

      Yeah, that subtitle is interesting. I wonder who decided to scrap it?

  5. Melissa Broder

      for a sec i thought this was actually a list written by Wittgenstein’s mistress and got excited

  6. Ken Baumann

      Wanted this today. Thank you.

  7. Jeff

      Maybe the editors couldn’t get it past their own supervisors. But yeah, this is discouraging.

  8. Anonymous

      Am I the only person that thought this would be some sort of list by Wittgenstein rejecting possible mistresses? And was disappointed when it was not?

  9. Trey

      I lol’d. in a good way. A+ comment.

  10. alan

      Good eye. Yeah, something happened with that Knopf submission.

  11. Literary Man

      “In the beginning, I left messages in the street. . .”

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