March 12th, 2012 / 1:54 pm

THE SKY WENT RED giveaway x2 for why

I’m giving away two copies of THE SKY WENT RED WHILE HE WAS INSIDE, a small book produced by Kiddiepunk. The man behind Kiddiepunk and the cover artist/brilliant artist in general is Michael Salerno. This book is made of edited sections from CALL OUT, a novel I wrote. To enter: comment! I’ll randomly pick two people and hunt their e/meat addresses down. Thank you.

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  1. OG

      I like the book cover. Interesting photograph?

  2. Brooks Sterritt

      i like the double entendre/can’t wait to read it

  3. Anonymous

      I would get inside this when the sky is red.

  4. Camille Napier Bernstein

      Randomly pick me!  :)

  5. Christopher Seder

      Sure why not? Is there some sort of rationale re the sky being visually blue but linguistically red?

  6. Parker


  7. M. Kitchell

      this is impossible mike commenting bc he still can’t figure out how to order it via phone & doesnt have the internet in his house

  8. Ben Lainhart

      Since I’d like to enter this contest, and I’m not sure what I should say here, I’ll just post, for your enjoyment, this recording by my friend of the Q&A session with Jonathan Franzen at Binghamton U last week. If you’ve been following the twitterers lately, you’ll be interested to know that Franzen discusses Jami Attenberg and Twitter in a bit more detail. 

  9. D. Oliver

      comment comment comment! comment!

  10. D. Oliver

      comment comment comment! comment!

  11. D. Oliver

      comment comment comment! comment!

  12. Anonymous
  13. Anonymous
  14. Anonymous
  15. Ty

      the inside and outside both look cool

  16. Jeremy Bauer

      i wan’ one.

  17. Daniel Bailey

      ryan dunn

  18. Nathan Jackson

      I love the cover. If I am meant to receive this tome for whatever greater purpose that chaos and/or destiny has in store, let it be mine. Otherwise, I’m sure it will land in it’s appropriate hand : )

  19. Trey

      I just want to be a part of something

  20. Ryan Ridge

      The book looks rad. 

  21. vjb77

      I had to register my address with the state when I became a convicted Kiddiepunk offender.

  22. Anonymous


  23. sam salvador


  24. Adam Greenfield

      If you send me this book I’m gonna burn it, snort the ashes, and then rape myself.  

  25. Shannon

      I want one. 

  26. Karen Marie

      I want this like whoa. I will read it like there is no tomorrow. And that’s no lie.

  27. Kyle Winkler


  28. Anonymous

      Hm, freeent, whis is book? 

  29. jade dead


  30. Jordan Eash

      Hat, meet ring.

  31. Buck Wilkins

      Thanks for notifying me of another interesting publishing venture.

  32. Anonymous

       I’ll share a joke my girlfriend just told me.

      Why do women drink Diet Coke?

      Because they’re thirsty and fat.

  33. Frank Tas, the Raptor
  34. Eric Beeson

      70 copies?!

  35. Adrian

      Give me book!


      NO I WON’T DO IT

  37. Vomithelmet McGee

      yayayayyay I think I deserve this

  38. Mark Thomas Stevenson

      i would like to enter this book

  39. Anonymous

      Yes please. Entering.

  40. Sean Kauffman


  41. Matthew Curran

      Please, do not pick this comment.

  42. Kristen Eliason


  43. Michael Filippone

      Pick me! Please?

  44. Janine Barlow

      Looks fantastic!

  45. mimi

      Ceci n’est pas le comment ‘winning’.

  46. Don

      What if a spambot wins?

  47. Don

      What if a spambot wins?

  48. barry graham


  49. tyler lebens

      gimme gimme

  50. werdfert

      is this still happening?

  51. Ken Baumann

      YOU WON! Can you email your mailing address to satorpress at gmail dot com? 

  52. Nandikesha Jungwirth

      i am random and open to winning

  53. Nandikesha Jungwirth

      i am random and open to winning

  54. mimi

      Dear Ken Baumann,  

      Thank you so much for ‘randomly’ selecting my ‘winning’ comment! I am as pleased as Tracy Flick in the hallway when she thinks she’s won the ‘election’. I will email.  

      Sincerely, mimi

  55. Donald


  56. Brian White


  57. Paul-simon Geddis